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Debt Resolution, Simply


Simple online options to get you back on track

Revardo helps consumers find solutions for resolving their past due debt with greater choice and ease. By working with us you will gain access to customized resolution options including direct payment, resolution loans through our online LendEngine Debt Resolution Loan™  Marketplace, or through one of our licensed debt resolution partners.

These are financially challenging times and we know that you want to resolve your outstanding accounts and you just need options and a partner that understands your needs.


Advantages for Consumers

Online solutions that provide a new level of choice and ease.


Intuitive, easy-to-use applications available on multiple devices for consumer convenience. 

Multiple Options

Multiple resolution options presented to consumers in one convenient place.

One Application - Many Lenders

One loan application is sent to many lenders to provide as many loan approvals as possible.

Learn About the Advantages we offer

Learn about the advantages we offer

Lenders - Our Partners

Collection Agencies

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